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Cars have never been so easy to steal. Electronic Vehicle Theft (EVT) is the biggest single threat to vehicles today. Its not just high end vehicles which are at risk, over 70% of new vehciles sold in the UK in 2018 was prone to theft in under 90 seconds. 

Think about it. In less time than it takes for the kettle to boil your pride and joy that you've worked and worked for can be gone. The device to clone car keys cost from as little as £25.00. You'd think that trading standards would crack down on this epdemic but so far its slipped under the radar. 

The team here at BSWC have been in the vehicle security industry a long time. Established in the 1970's (Back with flares and mullets) we have seen all kinds of technical advancements on cars. We've seen the good, the bad and the silly. However we have always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. Being one step ahead of the people who want to take your property. 

Its up to the motorists to take a stand, the tradespeople to stand up and be counted and to protect their vehicles. When a car or van is stolen its a deeply distressing violation, If you use it for work you can be without the means to put food on the table protecting it only seems like the natural thing to do. 

WE CAN HELP! You take the stand and to protect whats rightfully yours. We're dealers for the UK'S major alarm manufacturers and we offer solutions for all budgets and all vehicles.

Call our team and speak to our team for impartial advice. WE WILL NEVER SELL YOU SOMETHING YOU DONT NEED. 

Above all let us keep your chariot yours.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Have a look at this article from an unbiased source (the bbc) and talk to us about how to protect your van or car


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