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Locks or Alarm?

We have no end of phone calls asking us which is the better way to protect a van? Deadlocks? Or a Alarm? Both have advantages and disadvantages. You could argue that the both side by side are the best way to protect your van, however with the heavy cost of doing both of this you may be forced to choose to do one. Or at the very least to do one first. 


These are seperately added locks fitted into the door skin. We only tend to fit insurance approved LOCKS4VANS T SERIES Deadlocks here at BSWC. They come in two parts, The lock and the Strike plate, The lock is the bit which sits in the door which opens and the strike plate is the part which is mounted to the body of the van. It is mounted with toughened Pop Rivets and can last at least two hours of an attack. 

The downside to the locks are that you have to manually lock the van each and every time. You can pretty much guarantee that the one time you forget to lock the van is the one time that a thief will have a go at it. Not to mention that the van won't make a noise if its being attacked.


We fit a whole range of alarms here, some which work of a seperate fob, some which work of your factory keys and some which even work of your smartphone, With a whole range of sensors from proximity sensors to microwave sensors (if someone cuts a hole in the back of the van). With advanced systems which will tell you when your alarm has gone off the idea of scaring a thief away has never been easier 

The downside to only fitting an alarm is that a thief has no physical barrier to stop them from getting into the van, although the van is locked and alarm a thief may still be able to get in and if the thief is confident enough they would even ignore the noise of the alarm going of for long enough to grab a quick handful of your tools. 


So ideally you would want to attack the problem on two fronts. A mechanical lock which will slow the thief down. Plus an alarm so even if a thief is stupid enough to try it with locks on the alarm will go off long before they get into your van.


Autocar is generally a good read but this link to our facebook

shows an article hve a look nd a read and see how we can protect your vehicle from electronic theft

Why Bother With An Alarm

Why buy an aftermarket car alarm?

Surely all cars come with alarms nowadays?

Aren't factory alarms good enough?

Here at BSWC we get asked these questions pretty often. Some factory security is very good especially if your vehicle as a key instead of keyless entry.
Cars don't always come with keys that you turn these are the main ones that are open to attack. Because they emit a signal the signal can be boosted by a relay box (these are perfectly legal to buy and cost about £40). This means that the thief is able to unlock your car and drive away. It causes no damage to the vehicle and the only noise you'd hear is the engine starting.

The beauty of aftermarket alarms is that they wont allow the vehicle to start without an extra tag. So yes they can still get into the car but they wont be able to drive it away, Even if they open the car the alarm will go off drawing attention to itself. The Pandora alarms goes off as soon as the door is opened and the Cobra A4615 gives a 30 second countdown.

But what if your car or van comes with an alarm as standard?
Simply put the thief will turn it off when they open the vehicle. It makes the alarm redundant. Also if you have a van there won't be sensors in the back so if the thief cuts a hole in the side of the van or peels the door down the alarm probably won't go off. The aftermarket alarms we do all come with sensors in the back for vans and ultrasonic sensors as a minimum. Pandora alarms come with a proximity sensor so if someone is lurking around the windows the alarm will warn away and send a notification to the remote or your phone. Sadly these sensors don't see through metal so they wont protect against the back of a van unless there are windows in there.

So to put it simply factory alarms only really offer protection if somebody smashes a window, This is not how cars are stolen these days.

I've heard about GHOST whats the difference?
Ghost is a really good product and it does many things well. It wont make a noise when the thief is in the car. This gives them time to look for the unit and find it. We also fit ghost and if you add the alarm and ghost system you're turning your car into a virtual fortress

Why not use a steering lock?
Steering locks are a great visual deterrent but modern battery powered angle grinders will make short work of a steering lock or they'd go through the steering wheel itself. Yes it will cause noise and Yes it will cause damage but the thief doesn't really care about that.

We understand that its not a cheap option, however it adds another layer of security, We all work hard for our cars/vans it would be nice to keep it where it belongs.

We also offer 0% finance to spread the cost of the security systems and come to you so you don't have to wait around at our office for your alarm to be done.

Call us on 01902403172 or 07583462094 or message us to find out more

Road Trip to Turkey

Mike and Mick are proud to announce that they are planning a trip for help for heroes to turkey, we will be doing the trip to raise awareness for this amazng charity, keep tuned to our social media for more infomation.

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