Some Of Our Work

Here at BSWC we only work to the very highest of standards. What we have here is a small selections of the vehicles we have worked on and the products that we offer.

Vw Beetle S30 Install

Here at BSWC we are very lucky to have worked on some beautiful cars. This one has to be one of our favourites. A heavily modifed VW Bettle which had an Sigma Thatcham Category 1 to help keep it safe.

Peugeot Expert Deadlocks Install

As no doubt many of you are aware not a van on the market is secure. Peugeot Experts suffer with a weakness involving an airbag into the bottom of the sliding doors. Watch Mike explain how the Locks4vans T series deadlocks protect against this kind of attack. 

VW Crafter Front + Rear Camera

Here we have a Front + Rear Camera Kit fitted onto a VW Crafter for one of our fleet customers. Can you spot the Camera?

Porsche Cayenne Tracker

Here we have a Porsche Cayenne which we fitted a Scorpiontrack S5 tracker with driver cards on to for piece of mind. This will put the owners mind at rest that his car is safe.

Ford Capri S30 Install

Here at BSWC we pride ourselves on working on all manner of vehicles from brand new supercars to what had to be one of our favourites here. A Ford Capri 2.8i which the customer wanted some security on. In a gorgeous green this retro rocket was a joy to work on. 

2019 Motorhome Install

Motorhomes are homes away from homes and we love working on them here at BSWC. Here we fitted an Meta easyCAN digital alarm to this beauty. See the work and watch the videos to see how it worjks 

Mike showing off how the meta sounds

Showing How the Wireless Door Contacts Work

Vauxhall Vivaro Armaplates

Porsche 911

We like Porsche here at BSWC. Even if we do spend hours arguing about how to say the name properly. But look at this stunning 1980's Porsche we installed a Sigma S30 on. A perfect match of British and German engineering to keep the gorgeous car safe. 

A Blast From The Past

Whilst cleaning out some old draws in the office we came across these old photos. Showing some of the work we have done in the past inculding a custom mounted panel in a Toyota Celica to sme sunroofs. Not inculding a Baby Photo of Operations Manager Mike and a Photo of owner Mick back when he had hair.

Mick the owner when he had hair!

Mike back when he was a baby

Evoque with a Ghost

We've all heard of the ghost, Its a good system which protects against electronic theft and car jacking. Here is Mike explaining how it works on this Range Rover. Youlll notice how wet mike is, Although the car gets protected from the rain mike's long legs tend to get the worse of it. Then he was in a great mood about making a video in the rain too. But it's just part of our commitment to educate people on the best systems for the vehicles. Security is a passion here for everyone 

Transit Motorhome

We fitted a Cobra A4615 with additional sensors on this gorgeous Transit based Motorhome. Have a look at our work 

T Series Deadlock Boxer

T Series Boxer Deadlocks 

Control Panel