SPECTRE Immobiliser

Car theft has come a long way since the days of a screwdriver in the ignition lock. Electronic theft has never been more rife and no modern car is safe. 

Features such as keyless entry are a godsend for when you're carrying lots of heavy shopping or carrying something even more precious like your child. We take for granted how easy it is to be able to open your car door without actually touching your keys. 

The sad fact of life is this feature makes it so easy for car thieves to steal your car. With an electronic device which can cost as little as £25.00 from the internet the thieves can scan your car keys from inside your house and drive away in under 90 seconds. 

This is a scary thought, your car then could be used in a crime not to mention that the majority of vehicles taken in this way are never seen again. But it's more than that. What if someone gets hurt because of a thief driving your car? If its involved in a police chase or even just a joyride? 

Its time that Car and Van owners take action!!

There are a few ways that we as owners can take control of this epidemic. One of the best ways is with the SPECTRE IMMOBILISER with TRACK'n'LOCATE. The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity. The Spectre comes with two discreet radio keyfobs, If the keyfobs are not present inside the vehicle the vehicle is going nowhere. 

We also couple this up to the BSWC TRACK'n'LOCATE system, which is a system controlled by a over-the-counter brought Pay As You Go SIM, No contracts mean that you can avoid the monthly costs. You can use it at any time to check where the vehicle is. Just a phone call to the unit gives an instant location of the vehicle. Google Maps does the rest (We would be lost without it....)


SPECTRE Features :

  1. Two circuts Immobilisation. These are hardwired points of immobilisation, meaning that no electronic device can defat it.
  2. Passive Arming. This means you don't have to do a thing the system turns itself on and off.
  3. Keyless Operations. The system comes with two keyfobs. Simply if the system doesn't see the keyfobs the vehicle WILL NOT START.
  4. Rolling Code Operation. Makes it virtually impossible to crack electronically.
  5. The M43JT Immboliser is fully thatcham approved and is main dealer recogonised giving you peace of mind.

This system through its simple and rugged design will help keep your car safe. Although the thief may still be able to get into the car with an electronic device the thief won't be able to get it away. Giving you peace of mind that wherever you leave your car when you fall to sleep will be the same place it is when you wake up. 

Please call us on 01902403172 to speak to us about any security questions you may have however small they may be. 

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