Starline I96 Immobiliser

Starline Immobiliser

The Future Is Here

We've all heard of the Autowatch Ghost Immobilser. Itself was a groundbreaking product and has without a doubt kept many peoples vehicles safe from relay theft, but entering the keycode everytime you get into the vehicle is a bit of a faff. Starline have come up with a solution and it comes in the form of a handy Smartphone app and stylish Driver Idenity Cards. All you have to do is carry one of these on you and your car will start. 

Even if you want to enter a pin code like the ghost the starline has the power to do that too. Using a unique series of button on your steering wheel you can disable the immoibliser meaning no thief will ever be able to get the car away. 

The latest generation of immobilisers are here. With a price of £375.00 inculding mobile fitting the future is looking pretty cool too.

Mike Explaining How To Enter PIN Code

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