Vehicle Specific Camera Integration

Vehicle Specific Camera Integration
T6 Reverse Camera

Parking can be a pain in the neck at the best of times, In a country where more and more vehicles are being brought space is at a premium. It can be intimidating parallel parking when you feel the eyes of other drivers. Not to mention bumps and scrapes not only ruin the look of your car they can cost a pretty penny to repair too. 

A lot of cars and vans now come with some kind of parking aid. But here as BSWC we can build on whats in your car and go better. With factory style cameras your wouldn't be able to tell that the camera wasn't fitted in the factory. With our biggest range of adapters we can utalise your vehicles existing multimedia screen and relay a rear and even a front parking camera through the screen. Hopefully stopping any embarssing moments and helping you park like a pro. 

Please call us on 01902403172 to discuss your needs. One of our friendly team will be able to reccommend the best tools for the job.  

VW Crafter Front + Rear Camera

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