Fleet Management & Vehicle Monitoring

Fleet Management & Monitoring System (asettrackTVM)


assettrackTVM is an easy to use, low cost vehicle management system. Access your fleet information 24 hours a day, via our dedicated website, using your own private login and password

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EXPLORE assettrackTVM

assettrackTVM is a simple and easy to use vehicle monitoring system designed to to save you time and money.

What do I need to use the NeatTrack vehicle monitoring solutions?

  1. Broadband Internet connection
  2. A 'black box' GPS/GPRS in-vehicle terminal (IVT) (which our Thatcham Recognised Engineers will install for you)

Once in place, you may monitor your fleet from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world. And now that assettrackTVM also allows you to track your fleet via your mobile phone using LOCATE-BY-SMS, you don`t even need to be near a PC!


How would I use assettrackTVM after purchasing my vehicle tracking system?

  1. Log in by entering your User Name and Password at the top of this screen
  2. Pinpoint the exact location of your entire fleet in real time

You can monitor data such as vehicle speeds, idle time, engine status, and obtain telematics information for operational command and control.



Start Screen
Vehicle locations are indicated by red dots.

Search Utility
Allows users to find and pick a vehicle effectively. Just key a few characters into the search box and it will list closely matching vehicles.

Live Vehicle Tracking
When moving your mouse over each vehicle icon, details such as Vehicle Number, Ignition Status, Speed, Location and Date/Time of tracking are displayed.

A choice of Aerial View and 3 Dimensional View are available.

History Playback
Displays the movement of a selected vehicle on the map.

Status Screen
Displays the location and status information in an 'easy to understand' tabular format. Includes Vehicle Registration Number, Location, Speed, Ignition Status, Last Communication Date and Driver Information.

A variety of reports are available in Excel spreadsheet format as well as a range in graphical format.


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